When should I start getting ready for hair removal?

As far before your event as possible! The specific time answer differs depending on what you have been doing with the hair so far and what your goal is. In general, for a virgin wax if you were shaving, waxing, tweezing, or doing other forms of hair removal we want four solid weeks of growth to ensure a good, clean removal.

Yes, you read that correctly, that is four weeks with no removal ZERO shaving or trimming. You can do a "quick dirty wax" sooner but you'll have hair filling in quicker after your wax and you'll be charged the same as a regular wax as we'll use extra product and it will take us longer to do the wax. And sadly, unless you put in the grow-out time, it won't be our standard for good results.

Since it will take us longer to do a wax when it is too short and there is more tweezing involved; it is a pain for both of us...we require three weeks of growth on repeat waxings for clean removal.

Optimally ALL the hair is 1/3 inch on a virgin wax and ALL is at least 1/4 inch long on a repeat wax. Remember one hair that hits 1/4 inch is not what we are going for here. Look carefully at the undergrowth; it should be long enough too. Ideally, this isn't your first wax either.

The boss always says (especially important for people who are shavers), by the third wax in a row you get your smoothest results and they start lasting longer with less fill in between waxes because most of the old short hairs that are stuck under the skin from shaving are pushed up to the surface by the time the third wax takes place. As there is less hair each time, your skin recovers faster too. Thus you'll look perfect on your event day without a tell-tale shadow if the last pre-event wax is the fourth one in a series.

For example, let's say you want to look great for your ten day adventure to Costa Rica. To be on the safe side we should plan a series of three waxes one month apart so that the fourth one lands three days before you get on the plane to go. Start from your departure date and work backwards.

If you are leaving on December 5 and want the best results then WAX ONE is September 1. WAX TWO is October1. WAX THREE is November 1. WAX FOUR is December 2 and you are off to a smooth vacation.

While a first time wax will still look and feel smoother as well as last longer than shaving, it isn't as perfect or long lasting as we know it can be on the 4th go. See below for more information.

Do I really need a patch test 24 hours ahead of waxing?

Yes. You really, really, really should if you think you have sensitive skin, or are allergic to shellfish, seafood, nuts, pine resin, or any sensitivity to bees or honey. A patch test is especially if you are thinking of important areas like the bikini zone or large areas like backs, chests, or legs. We will allow you to waive the patch test if you have waxing done before and your skin did well with it or if you choose not to take advantage of the patch test and sign a waiver.

Our initial consultation is completely free. We will take your personal information, your medical history, and examine the areas you are concerned with. We strongly recommend that we do a patch testing of the various waxes we use. We will apply small amounts of wax in the areas you are going to be waxing and remove it. Thus you experience the waxing process. Then we want you to wait a full 24 hours to see how your skin reacts.

If there are no problems and the skin looks great then you are all set to wax. This is the patch test. If you have had waxing before you may waive the patch test and have your service at the same time as the consultation.

However, you should understand the risk. Any form of depilation can be made as comfortable as possible but basically we are removing hair by the root and that empty follicle needs time and proper care to heal up.

Like with tweezing there is the potential for pin point drops of blood and/or bruising especially on virgin waxes of coarse deep hair. There is the potential for allergic reactions which may look like hives or a red itchy rash. You can also have an acne like outbreak after waxing in oily areas like a chest the first couple times if you are prone to body acne or don't follow your aftercare instructions religiously.

If you are a tanner, you also must be very careful scheduling your service so you don't risk burns and skin lifting. See below for more details on tanning issues.

The patch test is also a great idea for first timers because it can really lessen anxiety and let you know just what to expect. We find most people are well, scared.

They've seen terrible waxing on TV and in the movies done for comedic purposes not for good hair removal and they expect that is how real life waxing works. Of course it isn't, that stuff is waxertainment folks. We are also super clean here and don't ever double dip. Sometimes it is nice to know that so you aren't so anxious ahead of time and so you know you will survive and be just fine.

What should I do to prepare for a waxing?

Relax. You are in good hands. Read through the FAQ for body waxing as well as the info on this page and you'll be all set. If a first time waxer, you'll want to start exfoliating the area daily at least a week ahead so the hairs are not ingrown and are fully available for the wax.

You also could be thoughtful and grab a quick shower before seeing us. Please don't wear perfumes or fragrant lotions and please, please don't smoke before you come in. We have terrible allergies and we don't want to have to torment you more than we need to. Watery eyes slow us down folks. Wear something loose and comfortable in a breathable fabric like cotton; be sure to avoid Spanx, UnderArmor, and other kinds of tight synthetic fabrics.

What if I am tanning to get ready for my vacation/competition?

If you choose to tan in a UV bed, then be aware that you cannot tan two days in front of your wax or two days after. If you do tan after waxing you risk serious burns which will ruin the look and the day. If you choose to tan before or "forget" to tell us that you did, you risk skin lifting which means you'll have spots where it feels sunburned and raw as the wax penetrates farther than it normally would.

If you are doing a spray tan or self-tanner, then you should wax first and then do the application the next day. Freshly waxed areas take pigment well and since some areas are done with a more exfoliating form of wax, your skin will look smoother, color will be more even, and it will last longer as you are not applying it to a layer of dead skin.

Is there anyone you simply will not wax?

Waxing services are not recommended and will not be performed for those clients using (or have used in the last 6 months) Accutane or Retin A products. If you have utilized these or similar products please be aware there is a very real risk of losing skin if you wax as these products by their very nature thin the skin.

We are also unable to wax if you have tanned on the day of your waxing appointment, or if you have visible sunburn. We will not wax if you have certain medical conditions, non-intact healthy skin, or over unidentified skin lesions. While having to reschedule is an inconvenience, this is a serious matter and when we deny service it is for your own safety.

How can I make my treatment more comfortable?

You can try the following suggestions to make your waxing experience more comfortable:

  • Avoid caffeine or other stimulants 6 - 10 hours before treatment.
  • Don't drink alcohol prior to your treatment, don't come in terribly hung over, both make your wax hurt more.
  • Don't smoke 4 hours prior to treatment.
  • You may want to try taking your favorite OTC analgesic, such as Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, or aspirin, 60 minutes before your treatment.
  • Practice using deep breathing and other relaxation techniques. Remember it will be over very quickly.
  • Consider using one of the topical anesthetics (numbing agents) we offer before you arrive for your treatment.
  • Try taking an antacid (Tums, Rolaids etc.) 30-45 minutes before your treatment, it helps reduce redness double quick.

Will waxing hurt? I've seen waxing in movies...I'm no wussy but will I cry and/or die?

It will be uncomfortable but tolerable. As the boss always says, "Your first waxing can be a bit of a religious experience and subsequent waxes are a walk in the park." The first time you wax is always more uncomfortable than later waxes. After all, you have allowed those hairs to grow for years in some cases and they can be extremely coarse.

As you continue with waxing the treatments will be more and more comfortable as we are dealing with new, smaller hairs and you will be able to space waxing out a bit more. Removing hair directly from the follicle is never super comfortable, but our staff is professional, fast, and highly experienced. If you can stand to remove a band-aid really fast you can wax just fine.

Really in the movies, they do just about everything wrong or shall we say on purpose for dramatic effect? Professional waxing is so fast you'll be done before you know it and really, you'll be okay, the sensation stops immediately after.