When should I start getting ready for hair removal?

As far before you wedding as possible! The specific time answer differs depending on what you have been doing with the hair so far and what your goal is. In general, for a virgin wax we want four solid weeks of growth to ensure a good, clean removal.

  • Yes, you read that correctly, that is four weeks with no removal ZERO shaving or trimming. Remember you want to have some time without your fiancée close up to you anyway to make the wedding night special, this gives you that incentive to stay strong.
  • Sure, you can do a "quick dirty wax" sooner but you'll have hair filling in quicker and you'll be charged the same as a regular wax as we'll use extra product, it will take us longer, and it won't be up to our gold standard for good results.
  • Since it will take us longer to do a wax when it is too short and there is waaayyyy more tweezing involved; it is a pain for both of us...we require three weeks of growth on repeat waxings for clean removal.
  • Optimally ALL the hair is 1/3 inch on a virgin wax (if it has been four months or more, you are back to the starting point so grow that 1/3 inch out) and ALL hair is at least 1/4 inch long on a repeat wax. Remember that having one hair that hits 1/4 inch is not what we are going for here. Look carefully at the undergrowth; it should be long enough too. Ideally, this isn't your first wax either.
  • The boss always says (especially important for people who are shavers), by the third wax in a row you get your smoothest results and they start lasting longer with less fill in between waxes because most of the old short hairs that are stuck under the skin from shaving are pushed up to the surface by the time the third wax takes place. As there is less hair each time, your skin recovers faster too.
  • Thus you'll look the most perfect on your wedding day and for the honeymoon without a tell-tale shadow if the prenuptial wax is the fourth one in a series. But a minimum of three waxes is required to get that long lasting wax if you were a shaver.
  • For example, let's say you want to look great for your wedding day AND for your ten day honeymoon then to be on the safe side we should plan a series of three waxes one month apart so that the fourth one lands three days before the wedding. To plan this, you'd start from your wedding date and work backwards. If you are going for the basic perfect wax, then we would want three in a row with the third wax falling right before your event.
  • If you are getting married on June 5 and want the best results then WAX ONE is March 1. WAX TWO is April 1. WAX THREE is May 1. WAX FOUR is June 2 and you are off to a smooth married life.

While a first time wax will still look and feel smoother as well as last longer than shaving, it isn't as perfect or long lasting as we know it can be on the 4th go. See below for more information.

Everything you ever wanted to know about hair removal via professional body waxing in the Eau Claire area. We offer premium hair removal services for men, women, and teens in the Chippewa Valley. River Rock offer full body waxing for men and women see our Waxing FAQ and fee list for more information on services including: Bikini wax, back wax, arm wax, facial wax, underarm wax, leg wax, Brazilian bikini wax, extreme bikini wax, men's waxing, bridal waxing, special occasion wax, full body wax and more.  We offer professional hair removal services in a private clinical setting using hospital level sanitation and disinfection for your safety.

Do I really need a patch test 24 hours ahead of waxing?

Yes. You really, really, really should if you think you have sensitive skin, or are allergic to shellfish, seafood, nuts, pine resin, or any sensitivity to bees or honey.

  • A patch test is especially if you are thinking of important areas like the bikini zone or large areas like backs, chests, or legs. We will allow you to waive the patch test if you have waxing done before and your skin did well with it or if you choose not to take advantage of the patch test and sign a waiver.
  • Our initial consultation is completely free. We will take your personal information, your medical history, and examine the areas you are concerned with. We strongly recommend that we do a patch testing of the various waxes we use. We will apply small amounts of wax in the areas you are going to be waxing and remove it. Thus you experience the waxing process. Then we want you to wait a full 24 hours to see how your skin reacts. If there are no problems and the skin looks great then you are all set to wax. This is the patch test. If you have had waxing before you may waive the patch test and have your service at the same time as the consultation.
  • However, you should understand the risk. Any form of depilation can be made as comfortable as possible but basically we are removing hair by the root and that empty follicle needs time and proper care to heal up.
  • Like with tweezing there is the potential for pin point drops of blood and/or bruising especially on virgin waxes of coarse deep hair. There is the potential for allergic reactions which may look like hives or a red itchy rash. You can also have an acne like outbreak after waxing in oily areas like a chest the first couple times if you are prone to body acne or don't follow your aftercare instructions religiously.
  • If you are a tanner, you also must be very careful scheduling your service so you don't risk burns and skin lifting. See below for more details on tanning issues.

The patch test is also a great idea for first timers because it can really lessen anxiety and let you know just what to expect. We find most people are well, scared.

They've seen terrible waxing on TV and in the movies done for comedic purposes not for good hair removal and they expect that is how real life waxing works. Of course it isn't, that stuff is waxertainment folks. We are also super clean here and don't ever double dip. Sometimes it is nice to know that so you aren't so anxious ahead of time and so you know you will survive and be just fine.

What should I do to prepare for a waxing?

First, just relax. You are in good hands. Read through the FAQ for body waxing as well as the info on this page and you'll be all set. If you are a first time waxer, you'll want to start exfoliating the area daily at least a week ahead so the hairs are not ingrown and are fully available for the wax. Think those hair growing thoughts now!

You also could be thoughtful and grab a quick shower before seeing us. Please don't wear perfumes or fragrant lotions and please, please don't smoke before you come in. We have terrible allergies and we don't want to have to torment you more than we need to. Watery eyes slow us down folks. Wear something loose and comfortable in a breathable fabric like cotton; be sure to avoid Spanx, UnderArmor, and other kinds of tight synthetic fabrics.

Where should I be having hair removed? (For the ladies)

Obvious choices include any area that makes you look and feel your best.

  • Professional eyebrow design can ensure your eyes are beautifully framed and expressive. Removing the dreaded lady 'stache is a must ladies. If you have time, you may want to consider electrolysis to permanently avoid the marital mustache.
  • If wearing a strappy or strapless dress, underarm hair should be cleared out. If sweating is a concern, you may want to consider electrolysis for the underarms as the side effect of treatment is no odor or sweat production there.
  • Most brides are also interested in bikini waxing. If a honeymoon is in the picture then leg waxing is also a must so you aren't stuck shaving during the trip.
  • There are also some less obvious areas you may want to consider. Let’s start by considering the hair style you will wear. If you choose an updo, then a nape waxing is ideal so your skin looks silky smooth with a perfect hair line.
  • Nose waxing is also an area one should think of (we know how much one hair hurts if you pluck it here; but trust us, waxing is safe and since it is all removed at once it is basically an overload for the system and just feels strange seriously it isn't painful).
  • We also want to think about the inevitable close-up photos of the rings, so that means finger and hand fuzz should be removed.
  • We think that the extra ten pounds the camera seems to add is caused by the light hitting the soft downy hair on our body creating a larger outline. Think about that Sandra Bullock movie Miss Congeniality, they wax her head to toe for pageant presentation. This is why brides often do the arms and shoulders too so they look sleek and feel like silk. Waxing on the arms and legs (pay attention to those toes if an open toe shoe is in the forecast) is very exfoliating so your skin will look refreshed and smooth for your big day.

Where should I be having hair removed? (For the gentlemen)

Looking well-groomed tells your fiancé that you care enough about the event to take some extra time to knock their socks off. Making sure that there is no unsightly fuzz peeking out of unexpected places is of paramount importance. Think about a hot top-of-the-line vehicle, it has smooth sleek lines--and so should you!

  • We will make sure you look modern and handsome and not girly in the least. Areas to consider include the monobrow. Eyebrows (note this is plural as in you need two of them) should not meet in the center or attach to your hairline.
  • We also can manicure the beard line so if you sport trimmed scruff it looks tight and clean. We can help you design the perfect goatee, beard, or ‘stache as well.
  • Double check your ears, is there a tuft of hair blocking the first few worlds you’ll hear as a husband?
  • Examine the nose from the side, anything hiding up top or sticking out the edges must go. While you would think that waxing the nose would be unbearable as we are sure you have pulled out one at some point, we assure you that it is basically an overload for the system so the sensation is just a strange kind of pressure not horribly painful. We've heard it compared to water in the nose while swimming; you’ll be okay.
  • Heading south, we want to be sure there isn't a teen wolf patch choking your neckline and overpowering your shoulders.
  • Save back hair for well into married life you want her to want to touch you all over and that means sexy smooth skin eliminating embarrassing stubble and razor burn on the body and face.
  • Remember you'll be doing close up pictures of the new ring you'll be getting and the complete set you gave your sweetie. Long hair entwined in your band is not hot.
  • Tidying up the chest and abs makes you look more symmetrical and sculpted basically you’ll look tight. Removing it completely so your significant other can see that six-pack is a quick short cut to looking young and fit. You want to look clean and feel cool and comfortable on more than tropical holidays so removing the mangora sweater should definitely be considered.
  • Most guys are trimming the bushes in their personal garden as well. Consider having it waxed for your ahem, big day. According to research by Gillette, removing the undergrowth makes the package look larger and gains of an average of one optical inch are reported.
  • Remember shaving might be nice for you, but for your partner, any stubble = irritation, chaffing, and basically you could picture a bottle brush coming at 'ya which is not nice, not nice at all. This is also not conducive to long interludes as a honeymoon would suggest.

Do your sweetie a favor and present them with a perfectly smooth you that stays itch free the whole time so you are not wasting valuable fun time in the shower doing daily manscaping.

What if I am tanning to get ready for my wedding?

If you choose to tan before your wedding in a UV bed, then be aware that you cannot tan two days in front of your wax or two days after. If you do tan after waxing you risk serious burns which will ruin the look and the day. If you choose to tan before or "forget" to tell us that you did, you risk skin lifting which means you'll have spots where it feels sunburned and raw as the wax penetrates farther than it normally would.

If you are doing a spray tan or self-tanner, then you should wax first and then do the application the next day. Freshly waxed areas take pigment well and since some areas are done with a more exfoliating form of wax, your skin will look smoother, color will be more even, and it will last longer as you are not applying it to a layer of dead skin.

I'm not a great planner, how close to my wedding can I schedule my pre-nup wax?

We prefer three days before the big event. Especially if this is your first wax, we want to be sure that the skin heals up great and any potential issues are resolved before you intend to show off the area.

While many people who are repeat waxers chose to do it the day before the wedding it isn't our first choice.

Sounds good but how easy is it to get in to see you guys?

Depending on the day and time you need, we do book 4-6 weeks out for specific times. While the boss has a soft spot for hair emergencies like pending nuptials, there are only so many hours in a day. When you know your schedule, you need to call us. Ideally that's in the 3-4 weeks ahead of time. We rarely have same day appointments as we tend to keep a pretty full "call me if someone cancels" list. 3pm to 9pm is our busiest times. Mornings also go pretty fast. If you need a specific time, plan ahead. Trust us, we are worth the wait!

Anything else I should know?

According to our clients; body waxing at River Rock is the safest, most efficient, and the most comfortable available in the Chippewa Valley. We are pleased to offer full body waxing services in private treatment rooms by our expert staff in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We are very experienced in waxing ALL parts of the body for men, women, and teens.

As we commonly have clients from all over Northern Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota, extended treatment sessions are available for clients you won't need multiple appointments for a full body wax at River Rock.

For the convenience of our clients we accept Visa and MasterCard, Discover, and of course cash. We also offer treatment package savings and great referral bonuses--you could get your treatments for free! Please recommend us to your friends and remind them to tell us you sent them.

Experience the River Rock difference. Call for your complimentary consultation and waxing patch test to discuss your hair removal needs and learn about your options today!

GLB/TS/TG/SA clients and alternative wedding members very welcome.